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Other firms attempt to lure you with paid-for ranking results and search terms to attract business. We believe in personal relationships established through trust. After all, would you trust a recommendation of an acquaintance of yours, or a website full of promises from a firm you know little about?

Intellectual Property Advice That Helps You Protect Your Assets

Our attorneys are experienced in every industry and offer effective guidance for your IP management.

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Our congenial work culture and client-centric approach make sure that your interests and original ideas and designs are always safeguarded.

Seasoned Patent and Trademark Attorneys for Best Advice

Our highly experienced and seasoned patent and trademark attorneys in Brisbane offer a wide range of intellectual property management solutions. We understand your business plan and marketing strategy to create a systematic patent process, which is aligned with your business objectives.

We will help you to commercialise your ideas and innovative designs if you intend to leverage the patent for capital gains. We will ensure that your patent is unique and is not an infringement of any of your competitor’s work. Martin IP is committed to giving you the control of your intellectual property.

New Zealand
Manage Patent Portfolio With Patent And Trademark Attorneys

Our qualified and reliable patent and trademark attorneys in New Zealand make sure that your original ideas become your exclusive property, and cannot be exploited by your competitors during a fixed term. We offer advice to entrepreneurs on the protection of their innovations, which aid in increased profits and business development.

Our attorneys assist in patent database searching and filing the patent application as well as litigations and licensing. With Martin IP, you can enhance your patent portfolio and manage it without getting entangled in any legal hassles. We are a trusted name in New Zealand and work relentlessly to manage the intellectual assets of all our clients.

Whether you are a small business or big entity, Martin IP can help you in securing patent and trademark registrations in Brisbane and New Zealand.


Supporting Creation Of Intellectual Assets That Bring Growth

We have the best brains in the business that work in close association with our clients and create assets that generate excellent returns.


Our experienced patent attorneys assess your invention and assist in getting a patent registration for your inventive substance, procedure or device. We provide help in searching the patent databases across the globe to ensure that it does not match with any other inventions. A registered patent provides our clients with the right to commercially exploit the invention for a fixed term. We take care to evaluate your competitor’s work to ascertain that your patent is not infringing their patents.

Whether you are filing an application for a standard patent or an innovation patent, we are happy to help and guide you through the process. You can also opt for a provisional application to decide the filing date until you determine whether you want to get the patent or not.


Every business owner understands the need for a trademark as it differentiates his/her products and services from that of the competitor. It protects your brand in the cluttered marketplace and extends exclusive rights to use, sell and license your trademarked assets. Our attorneys can aid in taking action against people who try to use your trademark without authorisation. A trademark is different from a design as the latter needs to be unique and new, while the former does not.

Our trademark attorneys take charge of maintaining your trademarks by reminding you to pay the renewal fee on time. They also help you in making any changes in the registration details, such as an address update etc. We guide you on the commercialisation of your trademark.


Martin IP attorneys are experts in design registration and management. The registration helps in protecting the unique visual appearance of your products so that it is not copied by the competitors. It can be any shape, pattern or embellishment that is distinguishing and new. You can safeguard it for five years and renew the protection for another five years. Registration means that you have the exclusive rights to use, sell and licence it.

Our attorneys help in getting the registration and certification for your design, which allows you to get a legally enforceable right over it. Through the management of your design, you can take legal action against infringers, get the application amended for updates and renew the design for another term.

IP Strategy

At Martin IP, our patent and trademark attorneys understand the significance of an effective IP strategy which can take your business to new heights of success. Our seasoned attorneys play a vital role in devising such a plan which is in line with your business goals. We leave no stone unturned in securing a competitive advantage for your company in the marketplace. We endeavour to help you achieve better output through the best commercial utilisation of your intangible assets.

Our recommendations and advice go a long way in creating valuable assets which are efficiently protected and used. Whether you wish to expand your business into new territories or secure funds from investors, we will aid you in making informed decisions.

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Considerations For Choosing An IP Attorney

Before choosing an attorney on whom you might spend thousands of dollars on protecting your intellectual property, you should carefully think about your choice. Here are a few important considerations for choosing an IP attorney. Even if you already have an IP attorney, it can be enlightening to receive a second opinion from time to time.

  • 01
    Transparency. Does the attorney provide you with copies of any foreign associate invoices and disbursements? Payment of foreign associate invoices should not be profit-driven.
  • 02
    Access and service. Do you have easy access to your attorney for clear communication and a dedicated service?
  • 03
    Professional real-world experience. Has the attorney ever had their work tested in litigation? A surprising number of attorneys have never had their work tested, and therefore might be making critical mistakes.
  • 04
    Cost-effectiveness. Does the attorney routinely charge for every phone call and e-mail? A client should be able to contact their attorney with simple questions without the fear of getting charged for minor phone calls and e-mails.
  • 05
    Does the attorney maintain a separate trust account? Many patent and trademark attorneys only have a single bank account where all prepayments and deposits are mixed with other funds so that attorney profits are taken from the very same account as a client’s prepayments. A client should be able to rest easy knowing that their prepayment is not at risk of being used as a premature profit disbursement.
Meet Our Team

We have a team of highly qualified, skilled and experienced attorneys who bring along a wealth of knowledge and proficiency. If you already have an IP attorney, do not be afraid to get a second opinion. My team would be happy to discuss your matters with you. After all, you are making an important investment.

Todd Martin
Todd Martin

Australian, New Zealand and United States patent and trademark attorney

Kara Ries



Todd Martin of Martin IP is an exceptionally talented patent attorney we have trusted implicitly for over 10 years in developing and maintaining our complex, multi-layered portfolio. His expertise and firsthand experience in the USA, Australia and New Zealand has helped us strategically maximise our patent activities at every step of the process. If your organisation is serious about the quality and defensibility of its intellectual property, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Martin IP.

Ben Davis – Executive Director - Kortek Industries Pty Ltd.

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