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Patent And Trademark Registration In Brisbane


The capital of Queensland is a thriving commercial hub in Australia and the need for registration of the intellectual property is quite high in the region. A standard patent usually lasts for 20 years from the time of filing of the application and protects your IP for a long duration. However, the business filing the patent must have invented something new and inventive, which needs to be protected from competitors, who can copy it for their own advantage. Businesses can also opt for an innovative patent which is mostly an advanced technological innovation that makes the current technology outdated. The innovative patent is valid for up to eight years in Australia. For overseas protection, you will have to file a separate patent application in each country where you need to safeguard your IP.

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Patent Portfolio Management

We manage your patent portfolio to keep track of any infringements and identify licensing opportunities by leveraging your creative assets.

IP Strategy Management

The best intangible resource which has the capability of becoming a valuable asset is IP. Our attorneys inform you how to manage them.

Designs Registration

Whether you belong to the automotive industry or IT, our design registration service can help you protect your unique selling proposition.

Trademarks Applications

Safeguard your brand and its attributes from getting copied through the efficient use of trademarks as advised by our attorneys.

Patent Infringement

Our attorneys enforce IP rights in case of infringement and also settle disputes without causing any damage to your reputation.

International Protection

Patents and trademarks can shield your IP from getting copied in foreign countries, and the protection needs to be filed in all the countries separately.

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Patent Law

Our experienced patent attorneys assess your invention and assist in getting a patent registration for your inventive substance, procedure or device. We provide help in searching the patent databases across the globe to ensure that it does not match with any other inventions. A registered patent provides our clients with the right to commercially exploit the invention for a fixed term. We take care to evaluate your competitor’s work to ascertain that your patent is not infringing their patents.

Whether you are filing an application for a standard patent or an innovation patent, we are happy to help and guide you through the process. You can also opt for a provisional application to decide the filing date until you determine whether you want to get the patent or not.


Every business owner understands the need for a trademark as it differentiates his/her products and services from that of the competitor. It protects your brand in the cluttered marketplace and extends exclusive rights to use, sell and license your trademarked assets. Our attorneys can aid in taking action against people who try to use your trademark without authorisation. A trademark is different from a design as the latter needs to be unique and new, while the former does not.

Our trademark attorneys take charge of maintaining your trademarks by reminding you to pay the renewal fee on time. They also help you in making any changes in the registration details, such as an address update etc. We guide you on the commercialisation of your trademark.


Martin IP attorneys are experts in design registration and management. The registration helps in protecting the unique visual appearance of your products so that it is not copied by the competitors. It can be any shape, pattern or embellishment that is distinguishing and new. You can safeguard it for five years and renew the protection for another five years. Registration means that you have the exclusive rights to use, sell and licence it.

Our attorneys help in getting the registration and certification for your design, which allows you to get a legally enforceable right over it. Through the management of your design, you can take legal action against infringers, get the application amended for updates and renew the design for another term.

IP Strategy

At Martin IP, our patent and trademark attorneys understand the significance of an effective IP strategy which can take your business to new heights of success. Our seasoned attorneys play a vital role in devising such a plan which is in line with your business goals. We leave no stone unturned in securing a competitive advantage for your company in the marketplace. We endeavour to help you achieve better output through the best commercial utilisation of your intangible assets.

Our recommendations and advice go a long way in creating valuable assets which are efficiently protected and used. Whether you wish to expand your business into new territories or secure funds from investors, we will aid you in making informed decisions.



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Getting Your Designs Registered

Design is an artistic creation which can be protected through registration for a total of five years. The registration can be renewed for another five years.

If you do not get it renewed, then it can be used by anybody without facing legal consequences. A registered design gives you control over the visual appearance of the product and the rights to use, sell, or license it.

You need to get the design examined to acquire a certificate for your design right. Equipped with the certification, you can take legal action against anyone who uses it without your consent. The criterion for certification is that the design must be new and different and should not resemble any other design across the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Debunk myths and clear all confusions with the help of our FAQs.

You need to have a new invention or innovation which is different from the goods and services already present in the market. You can conduct a patent database search to check if something similar exists or not. You must think about what you intend to do with the patent. You can use, sell or licence it with the help of a patent attorneys.
IP is a quintessential requirement of the commercial sector as it is needed to safeguard the original ideas, technology and designs of businesses and ensures healthy competition in the market. With IP protection, you can challenge anyone legally if he/she is using your patents without permission.
Intellectual Property (IP) refers to all the intangible assets that are a part of your business such as patents, trademarks, trade secrets, plant variety rights and designs. You can get patent protection, trademark protection, domain name registration, design protection and copyright protection as per the IP laws.
The initial application for the registration of a trademark or patent can be filed within a few weeks, and the cost depends on the type of your IP and the countries where you want to get it protected. Our patent and trademark attorneys in Australia and New Zealand ensure that you get affordable IP management solutions.

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